Bill Phillips

Honorary President

Bill joined the A & T club in 1995, after previously being an official at Stockport from 1985, and then unsuccessfully trying to establish a club at Garstang, Lancashire that folded after two seasons. Was A&T Chairman from 1998 to 2003 and re-elected to that position in 2008. Received a British Cycling Special Volunteers Award in 2011 for his sterling work over a quarter of a century. Bill is a first aider on match days. Bill stepped down as Club Chairman at the 2019 AGM, after many years in the role, and was subsequently offered the new role of Honorary President. He runs a window cleaning business in Garstang.

Steve Harris

Chairman / First Team Manager

Steve is an undoubted legend of the sport. He transferred to A&T for the 2018 season, having previously raced for Swindon, Bristol St. George, Heckmondwike, Horspath and Poole, as well as Bydgoszcz, Kalety and Swietochlowice in Poland. A former Gt. Britain team manager, Steve won the 1999 World Individual title in Poland. He is the current British Grand Veterans Individual Champion, six times British Veterans Champion, three times World Veteran Individual Champion, seven times British Indoor Individual Champion and five times British Indoor Veterans Individual Champion. Throw in several British Team Championship wins, both indoors and outdoors, and Premier/ Elite League title wins with Horspath, and Steve is the most decorated rider of all time. He holds the all time record for British Individual title wins at all levels, currently standing at 19, and has made an all time record number of 25 British Open Individual Final appearances. Steve was elected as Club Chairman and 1st Team Manager at the 2019 AGM. He works as a salesman in the medical industry.


Lee Phillips

Vice Chairman / Track Curator

Former Stockport, Manchester, A&T, Bury and Stoke rider, Lee took over the role following the sad death of previous incumbent Alan Farrell in 2014. Lee was instrumental in preparing the track and facilities for a memorable 2010 British Individual Final at Gin Pit, which drew widespread praise from far and wide. Winner of the Ron Hack Memorial Cup for Volunteer of the Year in 2010, jointly with wife Angela and again in 2017. A badly broken wrist put an end to Lee's 33 year racing career in 2016, the highlight of which was an England international appearance in 1999. Lee was 1st team manager for the three successive North & Scotland League Division 1 title wins, 2017-19, before stepping down. Lee is one of the club's referees. Works in the cleaning business.

Mike Hack

Secretary / Development Officer / Road Organiser / Press Officer /Coach

Founded the club, with Steve Mills, at the end of 1989, after previously racing for Manchester, Stoke and Bury and was a member of the victorious Gt. Britain team in the test series in Australia in 1981. Has held numerous posts as an official at club, league and governing body level since 1973. Mike is a qualified British Cycling Level 2 Cycle Speedway Coach. Mike is also a Grade A International referee, and has officiated team and individual finals at national and international levels. In addition, Mike has served on British Cycling's Commissaires and Referees Commission for 15 years and was the Cycle Speedway Referees' Officer for 14 years. He retired from racing in 2009 after 43 years as a rider, but turned out occasionally when needed until 2013. Won the Gt. Manchester Sports Coach of the Year Award, along with three British Cycling Special Recognition awards and the Sport Leigh Lifetime Achievement award in 2016. Appointed General Secretary of the International Cycle Speedway Federation in 2016 and Chairman of Sport Leigh in 2016. Was elected as Chairman of the North & Scotland region, along with being appointed North & Scotland Senior Team Manager in 2017. Mike is the organiser of
the Club's Road section. He won the Gt. Manchester Unsung Hero in Sport Award in 2017. Winner of the David Saunders Memorial Trophy for Services to Cycling in 2018. Mike was appointed Chair of British Cycling's Cycle Speedway Commission in 2019. Now retired, after holding management positions in local government and housing organizations.

Kelly Skitterall

Treasurer / Catering Manager / Club Welfare Officer / Social Secretary

Kelly joined the A&T club when her son Lewis started riding at the back end of 2017. Kelly was the Club's Assistant Treasurer in 2018, before taking over as Treasurer for 2019, as well as assisting with fund raising and serving in the Catering Cabin. Kelly was the Ron Hack Memorial Trophy winner for Club Volunteer of the Year in 2018 and took over as Welfare Officer in 2019. She previously worked as a finance
officer at a school.
Mark Grantham

Coach / 2nd Team Manager / Equipment Manager

Mark obtained his British Cycling Level 1 qualification in readiness for the 2015 season. He is responsible for the maintenance of the club's equipment and has taken over as 2nd Team Manager for the 2021 season. Mark's children Lucy and Myles are regular members of the Club's junior team. Mark works as a college lecturer.
Catherine White

Coach / Joint Junior Team Manager

Catherine joined the club at the tail end of 2011, when her eldest son John started racing. She took over as Go-Ride Contact midway through the 2015 season and was elected as Treasurer, when the post became vacant at the 2015 AGM. Catherine also referees at junior matches. Was joint winner with Janine Paine, of the North West Go-Ride Volunteer of the Year award in 2017. Winner of the Ron Hack Memorial Cup for Volunteer of the Year in 2016. Catherine gained her British Cycling Level 2 Coach qualification early in 2020, and has taken up the sharing of Junior Team Manager duties with Chaz Whalley for the 2021 season. Works in the
education sector for a local authority.
Chaz Whalley

Coach / Joint Junior Team Manager

Chaz joined the club in 2017, after spending several years at Bury previously. He raced as a junior for the Blackley club in the 1970's. Chaz is one of the club's referees and is a British Cycling Level 2 Cycle Speedway Coach. Was the winner of the Ron Hack Memorial Trophy for club volunteer of the year in 2019. He has taken up the sharing of Junior Team Manager duties with Catherine White for the 2021 season.

Paul Graham

Club Captain / Facilities Manager

Former Bury and Manchester rider who returned to the sport in 2013 after an absence of 19 years. Has scored well for A&T and was Team Manager for three years between the 2014 and 2016 seasons. Raced in the 2016 and 2017 British Veterans Individual Finals. Captained A&T to three successive North & Scotland League Division 1 titles, 2017-19. Works in property maintenance.

Corrie Burgess

Recruitment Officer / Social Secretary

Corrie joined the Club Committee at the start of the 2017 season. She has been a club member since her children started racing in 2012. Corrie has been active in recruiting club members over the past few years and is now officially responsible for recruiting volunteers and riders for the Club. Corrie works in catering at a local school.

Miao Chen

Go-Ride Contact, Recruitment Officer

Miao has been recruiting new members from the Gt. Manchester Chinese
Community during 2021 and has also taken over as Go-Ride Contact midway
through 2021. She is the Director of an education company.

Len Priestley

Web-Site Manager

Former Belle Vue Gladiators rider from the 1960s, who later raced speedway at Belle Vue and Rochdale. Had helped out at the club for several years, as photographer and producer of a promotional video, before taking over as Webmaster at the start of 2002. Has continued to do a sterling job, with regular news updates, match reports and a comprehensive photo gallery. Winner of the Ron Hack Memorial Cup for Volunteer of the Year in 2015. Now retired after being a Management Information Systems Supervisor at a local college.

Ian White

Social Media Manager

Ian joined the club at the tail end of 2011, when his eldest son John started racing. He has been the club's official video operator for many years and has managed the Club's YouTube account. He has extended this role to include the Club's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for the 2021 season. Ian works in IT for an environmental organisation.

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